Welcome everyone, today we will talk about why we created APY.

Based on our personal life and professional experiences, we always had a ton of questions, sought advice, and loved being challenged.

Both of us are pretty lucky because in our own network we had the chance to have mentors. They helped us a lot in our previous and previous companies. For example, I wanted to get promoted, I wanted to grow within the company, acquire more knowledge and my mentors were the key for me to achieve those goals.

Then we created APY, creating a company is a huge venture and we were facing lots of different challenges. IT development, that is not our expertise, that is not what we know. Sales strategies, marketing, all those things are really important and we needed more people, that just one mentor at that point. We wanted more, more knowledge, more skills.

Not only we had those existing issues, but also we knew that the framework we were working on with our mentors was flawed, meaning that for example, scheduling, everyone is busy. Therefore, getting the time to schedule with your mentor or leaving knowledge no the table were two main issues that I was personally facing with my own mentor. 

So what did we do? Like everyone else, we went to Google and we were looking for the best place to find mentors. To connect with them, find those professional people able to help us. Also, we were looking for the perfect tool, to have this framework, to build a meaningful relationship, but that was not that easy to find. Based on those reasons and talking with others in their mentoring journey, we created with APY!

If everything we said makes sense to you and you want to join us and have a great mentor, go to getapy.com.

Join us, have fun, and more than that, grow guys! That is important, grow!

And as always, stay happy guys!