Meet our Founding Team here – Guillaume & Alex.

We are the cofounders of APY – the new mentoring platform on the block.

Why mentoring? – Mentoring is so important in everybody’s life, I think a great maker is finding someone who is going to be able to help and overcome your different challenges.

It’s finding someone which is gonna inspire you but it’s more than that. A meaningful mentoring relationship starts with a great framework and that’s what we are the bit for you.

Tell us who should use APY?

In fact, everyone! If you are someone looking for a mentor and tackle challenges or you have a ton of expertise and knowledge and you want to pass it on.

Even if your company and you want to implement a mentoring program for new employees to make them better come to APY.

Where to find us?

It’s very easy! just go and visit www.getapy.com

That had been a big why yeah that will enable you to figure out every bits and piece of information for your mentoring journey and don’t forget it stay happy guys.