Having a bad day?

This is Tom, he is like you, a hard-working professional with many goals.

Tom is frustrated as he wants to move to the next step in his career.

He knows he needs to increase his skills and knowledge base.

His challenges so far are, where to start? Who to talk to and get the right advice? 

He remembers a conversation with a friend on how great his business mentor helped him grow and move forward!

Determined, Tom is ready and makes the leap!

A quick search and he finds APY; the new marketplace with tons of vetted successful mentors ready to share their expertise and accomplishments.

He is looking for specific skills.

Until… WOW.

He is in front of THE profile.

The mentor’s path, positions held and achievements are what Tom lives for.

With no time to waste, a call is booked.

Tom has prepared his meeting, he is eager to learn and looks for an eye-opening moment.

The agenda goes through and he has never been challenged this way and has new avenues to discover!

For him, an impartial advisor is the cornerstone of trust and success for a meaningful mentoring relationship. 

Progress is measured after each call and with momentum he reaches new heights!

Tom had 8 mentors over the years, who guided him in each stage of his rise as a great professional and he had a blast doing it.

Continually sharing, learning, finding new angles, overall getting better; is his lifestyle.

Start your future now!