Want to make the greatest impact?

Eric has achieved a lot all along his life, either professionally or personally. Today he wants to give back, help others to succeed and keep an eye on what’s going on with the market. That is why he joined APY.

Eric knows his expertise will serve persistent and resilient professionals willing to grow, and APY brings him the frame to do so.

Goal setting, analyzing a situation, understanding aspirations, and helping his protégés draw a game plan; those are the tasks he has chosen to tackle.

Giving, guiding, and powering up Tom and others are powerful notions as you know. Without him, they wouldn’t have done it.

Be at the heart of a relation and make others achieve more, it’s all about it!

APY enables you to choose your mentee, have the most interesting conversations and see results!

Eric is driving change, having an impact and expanding his reach within the community of professionals he is leading.

Where do you stand today?

You are successful, have great accomplishments, and a ton of knowledge to share? Yet something is missing.

What are you waiting for?