How do you add a user or remove him?

Super easy.

Go into your dashboard, into the tab “Manage user”, you will find a section called “Add users”.

You can either add a single one by adding his name, last name, and email or you can add multiple ones through a file system.

Regarding removing users, yet again, super simple.

Go beneath in that page and you will find your dashboard where you will see all your users.

From there, on the right side of the table, you will have an “Action” column. Click on it, a dropdown will show up and from there, click on “Remove user”, it will ask you to confirm and you are done.

In any case, if you need help, to manage your users and add bulk email addresses, or remove multiple users or anything else regarding this topic, do not hesitate to contact our customer service, they will gladly help, through phone or chat.