You + Getapy = Success story!

All admin tasks should be automated and streamlined to serve you and your team! Getapy enables your growth!

Save time

Take notes, add action items, set follow-ups and save a minimum of 1 hour a day

    Setup all your meetings in one place with an agenda  

   Add, remove and collaborate with teammates or customers

    Send the minutes and be ready for the next meeting

Rarely seen a team so dedicated to make you money and ensure you are satisfied!

Balthazar P.

General Manager, The Marina Bay sands

Increase revenue

Concentrate on high value activities and leave the admin work to us

    Meetings and action items are a breeze

Engage with your employee base to build a winning team 

    Analyze where you stand and improve

Win-Win partnership, the sales team increased productivity by 1.7

Guillaume K.

Founder, Tradee

Keep your people

Loosing your most valuable employees is a tragedy

    Discover who pulls most of the weight
    Bring high potential employees to the next level

    Incentivize them with more tools and benefits

Great tool and very promising 

Devyansh K.

Director , Rogers

Increase productivity

Your team is facing challenges outside of your control

    Build a profitable game plan for your people
    Engage with your employee base to build a winning team 
    Analyze where you stand and improve
The right product if you want to strenghten your team and culture
Michael F.

CEO, Ayogo

Learn from the best

Looking to grow, break the ceiling or aquire new skills

    Vetted mentors, ready to help!

    Have a game plan for success
    Build a lasting relationship to be at the top of your profession

Those guys are efficient, tireless and the product just works

Emmanuel M.

Founder, Hoop