User case


What if your sales saved 1h every day on admin tasks?

You know how your sales team never fills notes in the CRM, don’t want to do the admin work required for you as a manager to track their KPI’s…

This endless story of ” part of your job is to track in the CRM / excel … what you do” Yes Mr manager but I don’t want to do it.


  • No notes


  • Bad notes

Getapy benefits

We have created the most powerful, easiest, integrated meeting tool for your sales team!

Eliminate the admin work of tracking meetings, filling notes, preparing agendas and ensure what your sales should always do: THE FOLLOW UP.

And it gets better: Update any CRM automatically!

Easy calculation:

Hourly rate of your salesman (for 1hour)


Number of sales


20 days

= your savings with getapy

No more tracking, update, reporting issues

Make your sales more productive by doing less!

Full integration with existing systems

Getapy is fully automated to ensure meetings are impactful

Action items tool to ensure your team is productive on every meeting