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Human ressources

Lift your team activity and efficiency.

Getapy helps HR groups screen, enroll and manage; future and existing workers by recording all encounters and keeping track of each of them. Regardless if it is a virtual meeting with applicants, facilitating townhalls, or running meetings with multiple timezones, Getapy has a solution.

Meeting, train, and guide all your people with Getapy.

Zero downloads, zero training, zero development, Getapy did all the work for you!

From joining, running the meeting to following up on it, Getapy is your ally and syncs with your existing tools.

Top notch understanding

Make an enduring impression and convey a top of the line talk with our complete set of tools.

Intelligent and simple

Getapy meetings ensures your agenda is pushed and productivity is meet.

Top notch adaptability

Retrieve versions of the meeting and record all or part of it to ensure compliance.

Speed up Joining

Getapy applies the 3 click rule for any of your guests + They retain access to the specific meeting you invited them to.

Simple booking

Use Google Calendar, Outlook, or Office 365, then you will have the exact same experience within Getapy.

Secure private information

Ensure each call, attachements, notes and meetings are protected by Military grade security.

All-hands on deck

Run meetings with up to 200 users!.

Getapy benefits

We have created the most powerful, easiest, integrated meeting tool for your customer service team!

Eliminate the admin work of tracking calls, filling notes and ensure your account managers can focus on the customer satisfaction.

And it gets better: Update any CRM automatically!

Easy calculation:

Hourly rate of your salesman (for 1hour)


Number of sales


20 days

= your savings with getapy

No more tracking, update, reporting issues

Make your customer service more productive by doing less!

Full integration with existing systems

Getapy is fully automated to ensure meetings are impactful

Action items tool to ensure your team is productive on every conversation