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Client services

Health  shouldn’t have limits

Getapy gives unrivaled comfort and quick, customized human services for patients wherever they are. Unite the medical staff and patients with modern tools and approaches to track patients and ensure everyone has the latest information.

Offer instant and easy to use services from any device and anywhere.

Understanding reach

Getapy lets you meet with more patients and other Healthcare providers anyplace while removing scheduling time tasks.

Unrivaled accommodation

Never miss a meeting. Connect to our secured tools safely from any device anywhere.

Treatment efficiencies

Make every meeting count. Convey speedier, increasingly powerful treatment and better patient results with Getapy.

Virtual treatment

Deliver clinical guidance to remote patients with secure, one-contact online gatherings.

Improved accommodation

Convey viable, top to bottom conferences to patients from any keen gadget or program with no additional hardware required.

Offer learnings

Livestream eye to eye proceeding with instruction projects to doctors in different areas.

Lighten IT trouble

Give helpdesk staff a complete tool, taking care of issues, and settling on educated choices.

Getapy benefits

We have created the most powerful, easiest, integrated meeting tool for your customer service team!

Eliminate the admin work of tracking calls, filling notes and ensure your account managers can focus on the customer satisfaction.

And it gets better: Update any CRM automatically!

Easy calculation:

Hourly rate of your salesman (for 1hour)


Number of sales


20 days

= your savings with getapy

No more tracking, update, reporting issues

Make your customer service more productive by doing less!

Full integration with existing systems

Getapy is fully automated to ensure meetings are impactful

Action items tool to ensure your team is productive on every conversation