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Financial services

The market never rests

Getapy ensures you keep your edge by safely associating anybody and removing turnaround times. Regardless of whether you’re utilizing a gathering room, PC, or cell phone, meet with customers and associates anyplace with screen sharing, action items, and followups.

Synchronize groups

Getapy lets you safely interface workplaces and meet with individuals anyplace via an easy web interface with no need to buy extra gear or programming.

Individual availability

Try not to lose that necessary human touch. Accomplish a progressively customized gathering experience by implanting Getapy in your  day to day and join through your synchronized schedule, softwares or dedicated tools.

Screen sharing

Take group profitability higher than ever. Getapy bolsters simple screen sharing during any web based gathering. Screen share spreadsheets, introductions, and recordings and perceive how a genuinely associated group can convey.

Improve customer fulfillment

Assemble dynamic, progressing connections and give brief reaction times.

Lessen costs

Slice travel to customer locales and decrease costs by meeting up close and personal through live video calls.

Meet anyplace

Convey high-contact administration to customers from any video-empowered room, shrewd gadget or program.

Mitigate IT trouble

Give helpdesk staff the assets to comprehend web based gathering usage, just as distinguish and take care of issues.

Getapy benefits

We have created the most powerful, easiest, integrated meeting tool for your customer service team!

Eliminate the admin work of tracking calls, filling notes and ensure your account managers can focus on the customer satisfaction.

And it gets better: Update any CRM automatically!

Easy calculation:

Hourly rate of your salesman (for 1hour)


Number of sales


20 days

= your savings with getapy

No more tracking, update, reporting issues

Make your customer service more productive by doing less!

Full integration with existing systems

Getapy is fully automated to ensure meetings are impactful

Action items tool to ensure your team is productive on every conversation