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Meeting tool

Get back 1H per day with Getapy. Fully automated you will love it!



Build up skills and forget what is holding back growth


Edge profiles

Your people, our coaches, mentors, advisors = Explosive results


For teams

Running an organization and you want change? Let’s talk

Your meeting tool

Streamline all your internal and external meetings easily with Getapy. All interactions are prepared, mapped with topics, effective with action items and no dropping the ball with follow ups.

Invite others

Prepare agenda

Build realtime minutes

assign action items

Setup follow up calls

Send minutes from getapy

CRM connected

Google compatible

Microsoft compatible


Enables your organization, to solve ongoing issues (onboarding, high turnover, deficient processes like performance reviews…)
The benefits are :
– For employees: greater communication, better knowledge acquisition/transmission…
– For employers: Higher productivity and retention as you are magnifying your DNA and mission.

Mix and match employee


Analytics to understand skill gap

Define challenges you want to tackle

Fully customizable

Identify high potential employees

Profile based

Integrated schedule

Dedicated support

Edge profiles

You want to reward your team, make them progress even higher or simply incentivize them? Getapy as a unique list of partners to do so!

Enable continuous training

Centralized billing

Provide the help needed by failing employees

Measure the effectivness of coaching

On demand, no retainer, no commitment

Make the team grow

Target specific skillsets

Incentivize your best performers

Discover new opportunities


Growth, Lean, laser focused? Your employees can concentrate solely on high paying activities and leave the rest to us!

User management

Role management

User grouping

Dedicated support

Data protection

On-prem installation

User promotion


Custom features