Frequently Asked Questions

Topics, Description, Action Items, Follow ups? I don't get it...?!

- Topics: are the agenda points that have to be discussed. And can be skipped . They are usually created before the actual meeting and sent via agenda mail.
- Descriptions: Are created during topic discussion. Descriptions outlines what was discussed for a specific topic. In other words these are the minutes
- Action Items: Are created during the meeting. Action items document WHO-WHAT-WHEN if something has to be done to drive a topic forward.
- Follow ups: When are you meeting next? What will be discussed (topics)?

How can I become the moderator of a meeting series?

Two ways:

You create the meeting series. Now you will be moderator of this meeting series.

Someone else is moderator of the meeting series. A moderator can promote other users to be also moderators.

How can I invite other people to a meeting series?

If you are a moderator of the meeting series, open the "Meeting". On the right select the section "Invited Users". Enter the email address. Finally click the "Save" button.

How can I leave a meeting series?

If you are a moderator: You cannot remove yourself from the series alone. This is to ensure that there are no orphaned meeting series without any moderators. You, as a moderator, can leave the meeting series the following way: First make someone else to the moderator. Then ask this person to remove your user from the series. This can be done with the "Meeting dashboard".

Another way is to delete the meeting

If you are not moderator: Log in to Getapy. On the list of your visible meeting series click on the meeting series. On the meeting series view click the button "Leave Meeting Series".

My meeting minute is finalized but contains some error. How can I fix it? Is it possible to do an "un-finalize"?

Only the latest meeting minutes can be unfinalized if they are finalized. Open the meeting minutes and click the "pen icon" to unfinalize the meeting minutes.

It is not possible to un-finalize a meeting minute, if a newer meeting already has been created. If you have created such a newer meeting but there are no important changes to these newest minutes, you can delete the newest minutes and afterward you can un-finalize the previous meeting minutes.

How can I send the agenda or meeting minutes to a person who doesn't have a Getapy account?

Simply enter the persons mail address to the "Additional Participants" field of the meeting minutes. You can mix real names and mail addresses here

How can I send an action item to a person who doesn't have a Getapy account?

Simply enter the persons mail address to the "assigned" field. It will be available in the type ahead drop down box in the future meetings.

Can I see who un-finalized and the re-finalized a meeting minutes?

Yes. Inside the meeting minute hover over this (example) text: Version 3. Finalized on 2017-01-11 09:09:54 by user1 and you'll see the finalize history

How do I change my user long name, mail address or password?

If you have a standard user account click on your username in the menu and choose "Edit Profile" or "Change Password".

If you do not see these menu please contact the administrator or Getapy

How can I download a meeting minutes file to my local disk?

If you want to keep meeting minutes as files on your local drive (backups anyone?) then you might want to download a file with the meeting minutes. On a minutes view click the "download" button top right to download a file. If you do not see the download button, ask your admin to enable this feature (docGeneration).