How it works – Mentoring

Learn, get challenged and increase your skills with a vetted tribe of mentors



Enterprise Solution

You want to give back!

Years of accumulated expertise is what you have? Share it and transform the life of others!

APY is here to ensure your knowledge lasts and spreads!

We offer a beautiful playground : the world. With your know-how we will make it better.

Setup your account

Give us your availabilities, fees, offering and tell us what you want to talk about.

You are assertive? Let us know and we will help you create a presentation video (free).

We do not accept all profile types, only successful individuals, active or retired, with a ratio of 1 : 20. We want you to know, when you are in, it matters!

Be a guide and plan the future

From the introduction call to monthly conversations up to epic runs (more than 2H) you will have the latitude to reach your Protégé.

Have fun and bring value! With APY you have all the tools to prepare your calls, organize your thought and maximize your impact.

We do all the boring stuff, handle customer service, payments and payouts and much more!

Grow while helping others

Take your protégé to new heights and earn bragging rights on your accomplishments!

Build game plans, strategies and be involved. As Maslow said: " What a man can be, he must be".

Succeed and repeat, how many lives will you impact for the better?

Set your goals and needs (less than 30 min)

Give us your goals, we agree on the metrics to watch and targets to achieve.

APY sets up your private environment and ensure you master it.

Together we draw up an acquisition plan for your people to own it!

Invite and animate your people

APY will provide you with all the content to drive adoption, usage and appropriation of the tool by your people!

You monitor key metrics and ensure we are on target and add value to your organization.

Together we will set follow-ups to ensure we empower all your people and reveal their full potential.

See matches and effectiveness of the program

APY acts as a matchmaker, ice-breaker, conversation aide and memory for all interactions.

You will gain another view into the mechanics of your company and pin-point inefficiencies.

Together we will be able to analyze and interpret the data to fluidify and reach higher targets.

Refine and improve to extract more value

Same vertical, Mix and Match, 1:1, group meetings, onboarding, succession planning. The possibilities are endless!

Your timing, needs and goals will dictate the messaging and leveraging the Edge profile feature will bring you another step further!

Let's bring your company to another level of growth. Let's focus on your people!

Find your mentor

Browse a community of inspiring professional. Select, by industries and skills, the next best thing in your life!

Start with an introduction call to ensure you start an impactful relationship!

All our Business mentors have been vetted and are ready to help!

Prepare your meeting

Set your goals, challenges and the general topics you want to discuss.

No ideas where to start? We have created killer talking points for you to get the ball rolling!

All is done within APY, we've got you!

Communicate and be yourself!

No stress, your mentor is here to help. Explain what you are looking to achieve and LISTEN.

Drill down, take into account all angles and you will have a winning hand!

Great Conversations are built by two people who are willing to be uncomfortable, focused on the topic and aiming at overcoming obstacles.

Next steps!

Implementing change, you know the path. Go after it until you reach the desired outcome.

Enjoy success in your daily life with this new set of tools you acquired!

Be better, keep learning and help others!