Getting started with APY Meeting!

APY Meeting delivers efficiency and accuracy and fundamentally changes how you run meetings.

Step 1. Create your account

Task 1: Select the plan that fits your needs

From startups to established businesses, our different plans cover all your needs.

Depending on the size of your team, the volume of meetings you run each week and the level of integrations you want, select the appropriate plan.


Change your plan at any time to match your reality!


Select your plan

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Task 2: Connect your favorite apps to schedule your meeting as you want

Boost your productivity by connecting APY Meeting with your calendar (Google Calendar and Microsoft Outlook) and all your favorite apps (Zapier integration).


Once you have selected your plan, go to your Settings and simply click “connect” to synchronize APY Meeting with your apps.


Learn more about our integrations

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Step 2. Schedule and prepare your meeting

Task 1: Create the meeting and invite participants

From your account, go to your Dashboard and create your new meeting.

Set up the date and time, define the agenda of the meeting in advance and invite participants.

Once you are ready, click the “Save” button and all participants will receive the meeting invitation with the link to join the room. No need for all the participants to have an account, they will join as guests once the meeting starts!

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Task 2: Create templates and save more time

Increase your productivity by creating meeting templates.

When you create your meeting, you can save it as a template and use it every time you run this specific type of meeting. 

This feature helps you focus only on valuable actions and saves you time by eliminating administrative tasks.

To use your templates, go to Templates and select the one you want!

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Step 3. Start your meeting

Task 1: Join the meeting room

From your Dashboard, access your Upcoming meetings and click “Join the meeting” to join the room.

Once you have joined the meeting, all your prepared topics will be displayed and all participants will have access to your contact information (phone number, Skype ID, Zoom link, Hangout link) to connect with you and start the meeting.

Once you are ready to start, click “Start the meeting” and the timer will begin. You can now manage your time for the best outcome.

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Task 2: Enjoy a collaborative environment

APY Meeting offers a collaborative environment where all participants can contribute.

For each topic, you can keep track of the minutes, assign clear action items with due dates and add comments for more clarity!

You have time to cover more topics? Great, simply add topics as you want during your meeting.

Prior to the end of your meeting, you can schedule a follow-up and be ready for the next steps!

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Task 3: End the meeting and eliminate the administrative work

Once your meeting is over, click “End the meeting” and all participants will automatically receive the minutes by email as well as a link to come back to the meeting room if they need it.

This ensures that all participants are on the same page and know exactly what they have to do next.

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Step 4. After your meeting

Task 1: Track the progress of each task

The APY Meeting Action items tab is a single source of truth for the work your team needs to achieve. 

Go to your Action items tab to track the progress and update the status of each task assigned to you and others to reach your objectives.

This ensures that everyone clearly understands what needs to be done and takes action for the success of the project.

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