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How to Build a Great Relationship with a Mentor

A mentor’s role isn’t only confined to teaching. They can become your consultant, confidant, and coach. In fact, a CNBC article says that 71% of those with mentors have grown more in terms of career and personal development. Likewise, 91% of them say they are more satisfied with their jobs through the support of their mentors.

With our current digital space, there are a lot of virtual mentoring programs that will let you connect and engage easily with mentors. These platforms let you take on a more active role in the relationship to ensure that it will last and prove fruitful for both sides.

Like all other relationships, a mentor-mentee setup doesn’t only work in one way. You also have a responsibility to make it work. So, here’s how you can build a better relationship with your mentor.

  1. Outline goals

To have an outcome, you must first have a goal in mind. This will serve as your basis for the path you and your mentor will take for your journey. Likewise, this will help you determine who or what kind of mentor you need to pursue your endeavors.

Make sure that your plans are SMART. This means they are specific, measurable, assignable, reachable, and time related. Without a tangible purpose in mind, you and your mentor might find yourselves at a loss before you can even get started on your journey.

  1. Find your match

Now that you have an idea of what you need and want, you can reach out to experts of the field you want to improve on. You can do this by asking around from within your network. Contact colleagues, former professors, friends and others.

There are also numerous mentoring platforms that will let you find your match. Simply envision what kind of guidance you need, and these programs can ensure that your plans and goals align with your prospective mentor. These platforms can also help you approach and connect with them.

  1. Set expectations

Setting expectations at the beginning of your relationship can lessen miscommunication down the road. It is best that you and your mentor establish clear boundaries, methods, and attitudes to get the best out of the setup.

Be vocal with the approaches that you know will work best for you. This will make it easier for your mentor to identify the possible obstacles in your relationship and immediately create compromises to prevent future mishaps.

  1. Work out communication process

You and your mentor have other tasks and responsibilities to juggle in between this relationship. You might find it difficult to invest enough time for each other. Therefore, you must agree on the specifics of when and how to communicate. This can help integrate such interactions into your routine.

Figure out the best and most efficient method to contact each other. Consider using cloud mentoring to make communication faster and more accessible. You can plot out calendars and create schedules for getting together. Discuss the best time when you can go to your mentor for advice and the frequency of such engagements to avoid disturbing each other.

  1. Keep in contact

The secret to a long, fulfilling relationship is maintaining contact with the person. Without it, the connection can disintegrate, plans can collapse, and goals are delayed in the long run. It is best that you stick to the agreed schedules and processes for communication to gain results.

Keeping the line open can result in effective online mentoring. This can build closer bonds, resolve issues immediately, and hastens your progress. Don’t hesitate to engage with your mentor every now and then. In fact, even simple notes of gratitude can go a long way in a relationship.

  1. Be open for feedback

Honesty and transparency are also the key to an effective and harmonious relationship with your mentor. By having an open feedback system, both of you can learn and improve from each other.

Your mentor isn’t a mind reader. Don’t hesitate to voice out what works and what doesn’t. The reverse is also true. You’re not a mind reader, so your mentor should also voice out their concerns. Be clear about the progress and milestones you’ve reached, while also identifying obstacles along the way. This will ensure that everything is on track and that this relationship is accomplishing something instead of wasting each other’s time.

A special bond

The bond between mentor and mentee goes beyond that of a teacher and pupil. Upon building a relationship with your mentor, you’re not simply developing new sets of skills and improving your career. You become part of each other’s network. Doing so can even help you promote each other’s online marketing activities to further expand your connections.

There are various tools available to help you develop a better relationship with your mentor. You can check out the top collaboration software to help facilitate your interactions with them. These software can set up and streamline processes between you and your mentor from setting out goals, planning, communicating, and feedback. These will ensure that both sides can get the best out of the setup.