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How Mentors Help In Careers? Bill Burr Story!

Bill Burr is a comedian who gives audiences the impression that nothing bothers him.

Today that might be the case.

For the first fifteen years of Burr’s career, that was far from the truth.

He regularly drove several hours to Open Mic Nights after working all day at his father’s dental practice, just to earn $8 in front of a crowd that jeered him.

Well into his 30s, he was broke and battling depression.

Tim Ferris hosted Bill Burr on his podcast and asked what kept him motivated through years of toil with no sign of a payoff.

He immediately recalled a conversation with legendary comedian Dave Chapelle after a show in New York.

I remember Dave Chapelle said some nice things to me one night.

He said basically that you’re going to get there, but the road that you’re taking is going to take longer.

But when you get there, you’re going to have that staying thing.

Most people invest less effort than they are capable of because they don’t understand the point.

Encouragement from the right person can make all the difference, especially if they started where you are at today.

I held onto that for years. When I would be playing some “

shithole, thinking, but Dave Chapelle said.”

What many people lack is a mentor who has walked that path.

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