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A Primer To Selecting Advisors, Coaches And Mentors.

Entrepreneurial Journey is all about Starting up, running, growing and exiting a business.

Do You Know the difference between advisors, coaches and mentors and the help they can provide to a business and the people working within that business?


Advisors are hired because of their subject-matter expertise in a specific domain or the segment of the business.

They provide professional advice in a proactive, prescriptive and directing manner Telling you what to do to achieve your business objective in the short- or mid-term.

Naturally, advisors are performance-focused, hands-on, and their payment is associated with the delivery of a business result.


Listening and empathetic, they focus on helping business and the people within that business. Learn how to achieve specific goals through discovery and skills development.

Their engagement horizon is mid- to long-term.


They are accomplished professionals who offer wisdom and a combination of personal and professional advice.

In general, mentors are reactive.

Mentors think long-term, building a relationship aiming to enable personal growth and development for their mentee.

When triggered, they will respond with guiding and motivating rather than doing.

The creation of legacy is their measure of success.


Advisors are best to tell you “what” to do and coaches “how” to do it.

Mentors will focus on helping you understand “why” your choices matter.

Our experience shows that Mentor helps the Company’s Brand (or) Service to positively impact People’s lives!

A coach helps in Company’s Culture

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