About us

A glimpse in why we chose this crazy life and created and awesome meeting tool 

About us

Getapy.com​ is a meeting-first communication platform that delivers efficiency and accuracy and fundamentally changes how people run meetings. The platform streamlines meetings, to maximize the value of each encounter while the inherent administrative cost is eliminated. The framework enables participants to organize conversations around an agenda, topics, action items and follow ups. Simplicity and effectiveness are achieved through continuous automation and API integration.

Getapy.com is a mentoring platform that enables professionals to overcome their challenges and achieve great things. Our mission is to connect the ones who have the right answers to the ones seeking guidance.


APY provides a framework through which individuals can connect with experienced professionals such as CEOs, CFOs, CTOs, Directors, Vice Presidents and professional coaches, learn and acquire new skills to boost their career, overcome their challenges, and make the right choices to attain their career goals.

We believe having a mentor can change your life for the better. That is why we have also developed a solution dedicated to the corporate world: APY Enterprise. APY Enterprise aims to help companies reveal the full potential of their workforce. Management teams can now increase the skills of their employees, boost productivity and retention while identifying their next leaders by capitalizing on their most valuable asset – their people.



  • Hard work: Because we believe that we are the drivers of our own success (personal and professional).
  • Fearless: Because we believe that fear brings inertia.
  • Efficient: Because we believe that a structured mind and bulletproof organization process is the key to move forward.
  • Fluid: Because we believe that the capacity to adapt and learn is essential as a human feature.
  • Tiredless: Because we are go-getters, we know that hard work always pays.
  • Humble: Because we believe that knowledge and experiences from others are part of self-awareness and keeps us connected to our customers (and not look like douche when we talk to people we don’t know).
  • Pragmatic: Because we believe that actions and experience make the difference.